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‘Hack your brain’ through self-development

Look at any entrepreneur and chances are, they’ll have a self-development book (or a bookmark in their web browser). The most innovative people invest in lifelong learning. The cool thing is, you can never consume ‘too much’ knowledge or get to a point where you don’t need to learn anymore. 

It’s never too late to learn. In fact, new knowledge builds on existing information in the brain, so the more you know the better you’ll embrace new inform...

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Introverts & extraverts: Why you need both in your team

Studies show that introverts make up one third to one half of the population. Yet, in most workplaces, extraverts reign. There’s not always a clear distinction between the two personality types. You could be more of an extravert with your friends, but in a corporate scenario, show introvert qualities, and vice versa. 

Extraverts love groups ...

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How to use fear to your advantage

We’re all scared of something. Some of us have a phobia of flying, while others constantly worry about not getting all their work done. Whatever your fear is, you can actually use it to your advantage. 

See, fear is a natural part of life. We can’t live without it (but wouldn’t that be nice). There’s no such thing as a perfect world, but you can learn how to change your perception of fear. 

There’s this old saying: ‘You’ll en...

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5 leadership behaviours that create trust

Being a leader takes a specific type of person. Not all of us have that unique type of quality to push a team of people to succeed. There are different ways to achieve this but it can’t be done without one important thing: Trust

Trust is a non-negotiable. Without it, you can’t drive your team to achieve greatness. Think about it for a moment. Do you want to go into work every day and be led by someone who doesn’t respect or match your values or ethics...

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The importance of revisiting your business why

Do you know your business why? You know, that reason why you started it in the first place. I’m not talking about your vision or mission statements. These are important, yes, but they’re often not the reason why you started this journey. 

Let me explain. 

Your vision could be something like ‘we help teach entrepreneurs how to nail the perfect pitch and get funding for their business.’ 

Your ‘wh...

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How to ask for what you want

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for what you really want, especially in business. You’ve got to think about how you’ll be perceived, if it’ll affect your job or make life more difficult for others. 

The problem with this is work becomes a place where people aren’t comfortable to speak their mind. And this doesn’t set the tone for a positive environment. Often what we want aren’t big things. Like, knocking off work earlier one day or asking for...

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The value of accountability buddies

Every business wants growth. Or, at the very least, to maintain it’s perfect flow of consistent work. No matter how big or small your company is, you can’t go it alone. People are the core of your success. 

Good leaders ask for help. It’s not how smart, approachable or visionary you may be, but rather how you help your team work together. These leaders see the path to success as a group effort, instead of a personal one. 

Let me share one secret wea...

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5 strategies to future proof your business

Technology, automation and job changes are at the forefront of many people’s minds. Look at manufacturing, for example. It’s an industry that’s changed entirely – as robot’s takeover many jobs that we used to do. 

At the risk of sounding futuristic, we’ll see more and more of this in the coming years. While this might scare you (that’s okay), it’s important to look at this in a positive light. Businesses of the future will need to a...

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Build a company culture & you’ll engage your employees

A recent Deloitte study on human capital trends showed the cross-connection of company culture and employee engagement. 

When we talk of a culture within an organisation, it’s the setting, social norms, office rituals, and tone of the workers. Put simply, it’s how things get done. And employee engagement, of course, is the level in which your team connect with your company. An engaged team often means higher productivity, happier customers, and longer...

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How to tell when a team member needs support

When you put a group of people together, there’s always going to be the leaders and quiet achievers. Some personalities are bigger than others. For those more reserved, it’s easy to sit back and let others dominate conversation. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, but as long as you know their voice is being heard in other ways. Sometimes, this is a sign that that your team member needs a little extra support – that they’re falling behind and are ...

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