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5 low-cost strategies you can use to boost team morale

Money isn’t everything. In fact, in business, it counts for less than we think. A global employee study shows that recognition and career opportunities top engagement drivers, before money.

Employee happiness is a collective result of quality of life, work tasks, people, growth opportunities, total rewards, and company practices. ...

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Struggling to close sales? Do these 4 things.

There’s no one, cookie-cutter way to seal the deal in sales. There could be a million factors in play as to why a customer says ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It’s here that lies the problem, but also the opportunity. 

What you can control is the language you’re using and how you’re acting to encourage your prospects to feel good about you. Specific words or the way you’re saying them could deter your prospect, without you even knowi...

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Emotional intelligence. What is it & why do you need it?

When we think of intelligence, it’s our intellect and knowledge that first comes to mind. While we all have our own way of deciding the capabilities of someone, it’s often our knowledge that we judge. 

But there’s another form of intelligence that’s just as important: emotional intelligence. And in business, we know how important personalities and characteristics can be to the success of your team. 

Every team will have people with di...

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5 unhealthy habits that stop you from getting s*** done

We all have our own unique habits. Some are simple, like tying our right shoe lace before the left or washing our face before breakfast. And then there’s the things we do that affect us more than we might know.  

Habits are like a double-edged sword. They can be both good and bad. But when done correctly, habits can make us more productive. Let’s go through the unhealthy self-sabotaging habits to you can avoid them. 

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4 simple strategies to engage a room full of people

We speak every day. It’s one of the first skills we learn as kids. But when it comes to public speaking, it’s a whole new kettle of fish. 


For some of us, speaking in front people comes naturally. To others, it makes us turn into an anxious, palms-sweaty wreak. If you fall into the latter (don’t worry, most people do), there’s good news. You can master the art of speaking to a crowd. 


Think back to a grea...

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Reduce risk losing major clients with these 5 tips

When a client asks you to do lots of work for them, it’s hard to say no. We get it. How could having work be a bad thing, right? 

Well, it’s not. Remember that old saying: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In this case, the eggs are your business and the basket is the client. When your company is too reliant on one or two major clients, you can lose most (or all) of your income if something goes wrong with that client.  

Even if they’re 1...

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How to achieve big results with small budgets

We don’t all have the luxury of big budgets. If you’ve worked in a small business before, you know this. But there’s good news. Marketing isn’t as black and white as it used to be. 

Go back to the mid 90’s. Print was in. Companies promoted themselves via newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. Today, you can reach new audiences thorough as little as a $5 advertising spend. Thanks, Facebook. And if you don’t have any budget, all you need is time.&...

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Using mobile phones. How to manage it from a leader's point of view.

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone without a mobile phone. In the past, they were looked at as a distraction at work, but things have changed. 

We’re all ‘on’, 24/7. Yet, companies aren’t using it to their advantage. Largely in part because technology moves so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. 

So, what’s going on here? We’re overwhelmed. The concept of work-life balance has been lost, thanks to the explosion of te...

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Manage your time with this delegating leadership style

As leaders, it’s easy to bite off more than we can chew. It can consume us. 

We’re naturally control freaks and love to do it all. It’s most likely how we got to where we are now – showing that we can manage a lot.  

But when it comes to leading a team, we need to move away from this habit. We can’t wear all hats. That’s what we have a team for. And who’s going to lead them if you’re busy doing other things? 


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What is your company personality?

We can’t go a day (or an article) without talking about personalities. How our minds tick is at the core of everything we do. 

Our products are designed to help you understand your people better, and yourself. But how often do we stop to think about the personality about our company. 

Do you know how to define your brand personality? Is it playful or conservative? Innovative or traditional? Cosmopolitan or masculine? 

As managers and direc...

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