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5 skills you need to lead a team in 2017

The way in which we work is in the midst of change. Technology, automation and flexible work styles are all topics that need to be considered by today’s leaders. The common managerial challenges still apply, like prioritisation, decision-making, and inspiring employees. 

Here are five top skills that you need to become a better leader: 


1. Be proactive

Spend the time to notice what’s limiting your success, and ove...

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How your personality affects how you run a business

Your personality creeps into everything you do, every decision that you make. It’s not as though you can leave it at the door when you walk into work for the day. 

Emotions affect our decision-making and relationships. Ever had a situation that you reacted to differently than your team members? Maybe it was a change in management, structure or leadership style. It’s down to your personality. 

There are many layers to our personality, but we tend to rely m...

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Businesses need to be invested in… continuously.

There’s one simple strategy that I take when it comes to business. A portion of your earnings need to be reinvested back into it. While this sounds like an obvious thing, not many business owners do it. 

I’ve with companies that invest half of their revenue back into their business each year. They’ve become leaders in their field by doing this. Business, like a house, requires ongoing investment. The more you add to it, to bigger it grows. Adding a new skill or ...

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Consider zigging, when everyone else zags

The great Albert Einstein said it well: 

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”

From a young age, we do everything in groups. Go to school, play sport, and socialise. We’re taught by the same teachers, with one class curriculum. Without even being aware of it, we start to share the same views, thoughts, and outlook o...

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How well do you know your team?

Could your business run without people? Most can’t. Effective teams lead to successful companies. 

Your team is much more than a bunch of people thrown together. But how many leaders actually spend the time to get to know their teams. If you didn’t metaphorically put your hand up, this article is for you. 

We’re not just talking about knowing how your people take their coffee or how many kids they have. The problem with some leaders is they...

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Why you should reconsider the 9-5 structure

The more you work, the more you get done, right? No, productivity isn’t linear. It goes downhill as those hours tick away. Society has ingrained the 9-5 into our minds. But times have changed since those 18th century workdays. 

Back then, factories were run 24/7. 10-16-hour work days were the norm. however, this wasn’t sustainable, which led to the introduction of the ‘eight hours labour, eight hours recreation, eight hours sleep’. 

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The key to success is failure

Okay, I’ve got your attention. Failure, let’s talk about it. 

It’s not ‘sexy’, it’s not fun, but it’s something a lot of us think about in the wrong way. I was one of these people. I wanted to be good at everything. And if I wasn’t great, I’d give up and move onto my next lightbulb idea. 

I was looking at ‘failure’ all wrong. You know that famous author, Malcom Gladwell? He talks about failure and succ...

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5 low-cost strategies you can use to boost team morale

Money isn’t everything. In fact, in business, it counts for less than we think. A global employee study shows that recognition and career opportunities top engagement drivers, before money.

Employee happiness is a collective result of quality of life, work tasks, people, growth opportunities, total rewards, and company practices. ...

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Struggling to close sales? Do these 4 things.

There’s no one, cookie-cutter way to seal the deal in sales. There could be a million factors in play as to why a customer says ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It’s here that lies the problem, but also the opportunity. 

What you can control is the language you’re using and how you’re acting to encourage your prospects to feel good about you. Specific words or the way you’re saying them could deter your prospect, without you even knowi...

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Emotional intelligence. What is it & why do you need it?

When we think of intelligence, it’s our intellect and knowledge that first comes to mind. While we all have our own way of deciding the capabilities of someone, it’s often our knowledge that we judge. 

But there’s another form of intelligence that’s just as important: emotional intelligence. And in business, we know how important personalities and characteristics can be to the success of your team. 

Every team will have people with di...

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