December 3, 2017
January 3, 2018

Being a leader takes a specific type of person. Not all of us have that unique type of quality to push a team of people to succeed. There are different ways to achieve this but it can’t be done without one important thing: Trust.

Trust is a non-negotiable. Without it, you can’t drive your team to achieve greatness. Think about it for a moment. Do you want to go into work every day and be led by someone who doesn’t respect or match your values or ethics? If you don’t believe that they’ve got your best interest at heart, progression is next to impossible.

There needs to be trust and respect between leaders and teams. When leaders show they care by making their team feel appreciated and secure, true collaboration and growth happens.

A leader is only as effective as his (or her) team 

Trust is the foundation of every good relationship. So, as leaders, how can you earn the trust of your team? Let’s go through five strategies.

Be an example 

Set the tone for how you want your team to interact, communicate and perform by acting that way yourself. If you want your team members to act a certain way, you’ve got to lead by example.

Talk it through, a lot 

Most of the issues that occur in workplaces are due to a lack of communication. Transparency builds trust. Be direct, honest and make space for open dialogue between you and your team. Don’t assume that John told Gill about that important client feedback. Carve out time every day to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Allow room for mistakes 

Mistakes are, in fact, a good thing. It’s only in the setbacks that you can apply strategies that’ll help you learn and grow. If you create a culture that gives room for mistakes, it also takes the pressure off. We’re all human and it’s important to remember this. Make sure your team feels secure enough that if there is a problem or issue, they can come to you.

Do what you say you will 

Your word is everything. This is something many of us forget. You should honour every word that comes out of your mouth. From the small things like arriving on time to bigger promises like offering training to employees, sticking to your word instils that trust.

Ask for feedback 

Empower your team by asking their opinions. All of us learn as we go, so ask your people to voice their successes, weaknesses and ideas. Ask them if there’s a better way to operate. Be open to their suggestions.

Listen, be consistent and put the success of your team before your own. By doing all these things, in time you’ll build a group of people that trust and respect you. This is your best sales, recruitment and growth tool.