October 26, 2017

A recent Deloitte study on human capital trends showed the cross-connection of company culture and employee engagement.

When we talk of a culture within an organisation, it’s the setting, social norms, office rituals, and tone of the workers. Put simply, it’s how things get done. And employee engagement, of course, is the level in which your team connect with your company. An engaged team often means higher productivity, happier customers, and longer-serving employees.

But first, to build an engaged team you need to work on your company culture. Let’s look at Google for example. They’ve have created a distinct culture that helps them stay a competitive employer. People want to work for Google.

The pool tables, the swings, the bean bags, the video games and the slide are all there for a reason – to build Google’s company identity, not to distract their employees.

You can’t be everything to everyone. Find your sweet spot. 

Your employees are similar to customers. Every business needs to spend time to attract the right talent. Not every person will be ideal for the roles. You also can’t (and shouldn’t) appeal to every prospect to turn them into a customer.

People choose jobs based on their interests and how the company aligns to their passion and values. Hence why your organisational culture is important to communicate.

So, how can you strengthen your organisational culture? Follow these tips.

Learn from the past

What mistakes and opportunities can you draw on from the past? What worked for you and what didn’t? Use these lessons to cultivate future success.

Align with your core values

You started this business for a reason. What is it and how can you make sure it’s illustrated in your company culture?

Communicate & evolve

No matter how old or new your company is, it’s important to adopt a start-up mindset. This way, you’ll be open to adapt and evolve, based on what your team wants and needs. However, never forget your ‘why.’

Have fun!

Most importantly, don’t take things too seriously. Your employees need to know it’s okay to let their hair down occasionally, and you too. A little fun goes a long way. Remember Google’s office?

Think of your culture in a long-term way. Do your best to keep your employees engaged by providing training opportunities, access to new technology, leadership support, and an open mind to ways of working. If you can evolve to keep pace with employees’ expectations, you’ll drive success.