November 26, 2019
December 13, 2019

Assumptions are tricky business. In seconds, we can label someone as cocky, when maybe there’s more to them. Maybe they’re just confident.

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. First impressions aren’t always right. Someone can come across as arrogant initially, but the more time you spend with them, you realise they’re just confident. It can be reversed, too.

So, what’s the difference and why does it matter? Well, in a team setting, it’s a big deal. Who wants to listen to ‘cocky, know it all’ John? But what if John is really just has a confident, self-assured personality that comes across as self-assured?

This is where resources come in to help you, like Tick’s personality profiling tools. It reduces false perceptions and allows you to make informed decisions, based on science.


A confident personality vs. an arrogant facade?

You might find yourself drawn to a confident person. They voice their opinions, without seeking validation. Self-aware, but open to being ‘proven wrong’, confident people know their sense of worth. Yes, intrinsically they want to be the centre of attention, motivated by popularity and recognition… but it’s not an act.

Arrogant people, though, believe (or at least come across like this) that they’re better than others. They insist on correcting people and believe their way is the only way. It’s black and white – without room for any grey, give and take, area. Their ‘confidence’ is driven by external sources. Arrogant people look down on others. It’s usually a result of a defence mechanism used by an insecure mind.

You might find yourself dealing with an Eagle, not a Peacock.

As leaders, employees, and in our personal relationships, it’s important to understand who you’re engaging with, beyond words. Think of Tick as a resource to help uncover the ‘second language’ to read people better.

This is where Tick’s four, easy-to-understand, bird types are useful.

Some personalities, like a Dove, might not cope well in close contact with an arrogant person. Yet, they might be attracted to the in-your-face, ‘I know what I want’ confident person (the Eagle).

Okay so, think about yourself. How are you coming across? When you’re presenting a pitch, applying for a new job or talking in class, are you being perceived as confident or arrogant?

Do you have an ego-centric boss, co-worker or professor? And, now you know the difference between confident and arrogant, answer this question: Are they really cocky, or just confident?

Keep these things in mind to stay on the confident side:


  • Don’t offend others. Raise people up. Help them succeed.
  • Remember, it’s a level playing field. We’re all equal.
  • Listen, listen, listen. Oh, and eye contact!
  • Stop being ‘perfect’. Be aware of your weaknesses, just as much as your strengths.
  • Show vulnerability & admit to past wrong doings.
  • Let your accomplishments speak for you.


Confidence comes from empathy, positivity and optimism. You know it when you see it… and Tick’s personality profiling tools help you truly see people.

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