November 26, 2018

While it’s fun to learn about our ourselves and understand why we think, communicate or act a certain way, do you know what else is fun? Looking at the Tick bird types and trying to assign one to well-known people. 

Let’s remind you of Tick’s four bird types: 

The Eagle is motivated by authority and power. They want to have all the control and freedom to get results. They’re the person who wants, and needs, to be boss. 

The Peacock is loves to be popular. He (or she) gets a thrill off the applause, wants to be recognised, thanked and praised for who they are and what they can do. Peacocks want to be the centre of attention. 

The Owl is driven by the security of facts and systems. They want to work and live within structures and laid-down procedures. Owls love to be right. 

The Dove, the sweetest of all, needs the security of belonging. They want to be in a supportive team and thrive off being appreciated by those people. Doves want friendship, approval, and to be loved. 

First, which one are you? We’d love to know. 

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Matching celebrities to bird types. 


Can you guess which one Trump is? Well, he certainly doesn’t need to be loved, so that rules out the Dove. He doesn’t need to be popular, that’s for sure, which is a quality of the Peacock. Trump loves to be right and needs to be in the spotlight. We’d say he’s a combination of the Eagle and Owl. 

Steve Jobs:  

The late futurist visionary Steve Jobs is a tricky one to pinpoint. He created a revolution in his field and built one of today’s biggest brands, Apple. Steve was highly observant, independent and had a ‘flexible logic’ about him. He was a born leader, but the empowered type. We’d say he had both Eagle and Dove qualities. 

Kim Kardashian: 

Peacock, peacock, peacock. Need we say more? She’s a celebrity personality who is the star of a reality TV show. Yep, like we said, peacock. 

Kanye West: 

Another quick guess we’d make is Eagle! Kanye wants to run for President and he’s married to one of the most famous socialites, Kim K. 

While we can only assume these celebrities bird types based on what we do know about them, it’s fun to see how our personality tools applies to everyone. 

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