March 12, 2019
March 29, 2019

Millennials are often pigeon -holed into the common generalisations. Lazy, entitled, impatient, frivolous are a few of these labels. Yet, millennials play a crucial role in business success. We’ve spoken before about why we love this go-getting age group. 

Let’s drop the stereotypes for a little while. In most situations, young people aren’t lazy. They’re usually in the wrong role and our personality profiles can help with this. 

Millennials offer something that older employees don’t always have: adaptability. Young people push for change and aren’t afraid to ‘rewrite’ how businesses operate. This is a good thing. Today’s teams and businesses need to be fluid and flexible. 

Digital transformation, leadership ability, adopting change and attracting top talent are a few of the key issues of today. And thanks to fresh-faced who grew up with screens, millennials are seeing these problems as opportunities. Often, the way in which they do this is through technology. Two birds, one stone. 

So, while this age group might lack experience, they make up for it with a ‘shared leadership’ mindset. Their attitudes to leadership are just different than traditional approaches. Their thing? Collaboration. Their version of leadership is a ‘shared’ process, rather than an autocratic action. 

As instant messenger replaces email, other corporate norms will diminish, too. Millennials will confidently introduce teams to better ways of working, introduce new opportunities, and encourage flexible hours and project work. 

Heard of reverse mentoring? Millennials will provide context, insights and ideas to senior leadership. They’re a group companies simply cannot ignore or write off as ‘lazy.’ Workplaces are going to dramatically shift in the next few years (and already are). Adaptable, tech-savvy millennials help create a new culture of office and remote workers and freelancers job-sharing rotating projects. 

The old structures will no longer support the shift and resisting change could be detrimental to a company’s future. Millennials are the key to ushering in the ‘new’ workplace and hardwiring traditional attitudes. 

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Knowing your people will become more important. 

Use Tick’s fun personality tests, for office & remote workers. 

All parts of business will transform, particularly your teams. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use personality profiling to find the perfect mix of archetypes. And because Tick’s are quick and easy to do, why not add this into your hiring (and re-structuring) process? 

Start with your millennials. They’ll be your early adopters. The results will give you a clearer insight into how you can connect with them, based on their personality. Your Doves might need a little extra community, while Owls will ask for new procedures to get to work. 

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Get 3 FREE TRIALS of our profiles for your organisation.