October 28, 2020

It’s easy to do, playing the blame game. To attribute an issue to someone else, instead of taking responsibility. We see this a lot in every level of the workplace.

Lost a client? We blame the economy. Business is slow? It’s the Government’s fault. Somehow. Can’t find good contractors or staff? The system isn’t right. We all do this, but if we’re really honest with ourselves, we have a lot more power than we realise.

In times like now, we have two choices: to keep blaming and give our power away, or to rise, and use the uncertainty as fuel to be of greater service. And to be of value, you need to know what people require.

This is where Tick’s personality assessments come in.


Our personalities govern our lives

The great Alan Weiss, a hero in the consulting world, talks about understanding the full panoply of value you can provide.

Take the time to discern what they deem as valuable. Every client is different. Then, distil your value proposition. Identify who you can deliver more value to, relative to competitors – focusing investments on your most valuable customers.

Then, you can also use tools like Tick’s personality profile tests to help you better understand your clients. You can use these questionnaires directly in your training or provide as a value-add. If you’re a consultant, you’re the independent expert coming in to improve the client’s condition.

Having a suite of tools to help you do this, both at the beginning and throughout the training, will set your service apart. Tick’s bird types will empower your clients, identifying opportunities to leverage and weaknesses to work on.

In times of uncertainty, self-awareness is one of the most important traits to have. Together, you and Tick can help your clients develop it.

Use Tick in the background, too 

Tick’s personality tools are also beneficial internally, in other areas like sales and marketing. Once you get to know the traits and qualities of each Tick bird type (Peacock, Dove, Eagle and Owl), you’ll be able to improve how you communicate with and serve your customers.

You can come up with surprises that help make your people feel special and safe. You can also use it to diffuse problems and even avoid them altogether. By learning about Tick’s birds, you can better read the subtle cues in which people tell you who they are… to run a business that’s of service, forge a more inclusive team, and do good in the world.

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