The link between goal setting and personality – use Tick to make this year a success

December 16, 2022
The Dove bird type personality – a refresher
February 9, 2024

Think of goal setting as navigating a well-signposted road - it provides direction, prevents you from veering off course, and propels your life into action mode. There's no better way to kick into gear than by setting goals.

But it’s not as straightforward as it seems. You can't chart out your goals without understanding what truly motivates you. Let's consider an example: you want to enhance your public speaking skills, and one of your goals is to 'Take a public speaking course and lead the next business meeting.'

Sounds doable in theory, but when it comes to execution, you freeze, resist, and the goal becomes a distant resolution. 

Why does this happen? We would venture to suggest it might be because standing on stage may not align with your inherent personality. This doesn't mean you can't develop the skill, but you might not share the same personality traits as those accomplished speakers.

And that's perfectly fine.

Before delving into goal-setting, take a self-reflection test, such as Tick's personality profiling tool. It's an intriguing method to unveil your strengths, weaknesses, and true self.

From there, you can tailor goals in line with your subconscious patterns and motivations. 


Goal setting, preceded by self-discovery

Once you've laid the foundation with personality work, proceed with setting goals.

Establishing goals fosters accountability. You're not merely discussing what you want to do - you're formulating concrete plans, taking action, and creating tangible targets. Specific goals allow you to make a clear commitment. 

Having laser-focused, clearly defined goals, measurable by students, cultivates pride, steering them in the right direction.

The process for effective goal setting

Phrase goals positively: Express them with an empowering tone. Be that person you aspire to be. Imagine you're already that person. Transcend any limiting beliefs - which kill goals than the 'wrong' actions. 

Be precise: Incorporate dates, numbers, and tangible metrics for measuring success.

Set priorities: Assign each goal a priority to prevent burnout or feeling overwhelmed.

Incremental, intentional steps: Opt for small, immediate tasks to gain a sense of momentum.

Plan, Do, Check, Act – and repeat.


Set your goals with your Tick bird type in mind

Setting goals goes beyond dreaming and doing; it necessitates exploring your personality's inner workings, identifying obstacles, exploring opportunities, and maximizing your chances of success.

Use Tick's personality profiling test to discover your 'bird type,' then outline or revisit your goals.

Tick personality profiles are based on four birds (eagle, peacock, owl, dove). The bird profiles provide instant understanding without requiring much explanation. Team members easily remember their entire team's bird profiles. The insights are so clear and intuitive that the team's behaviour changes almost automatically.

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