December 2, 2021

During this difficult time we all (still) find ourselves in, our relationships are everything. Whether it’s your partner, family, friends, teammates or employees), understanding how to lift them up is a useful skill to have.

The good news is, with the help of Tick’s personality tool, you’ll be able to ‘read’ your closest people. This is critical in the fast-changing world of work, but it applies to every part of our lives.

Don’t know what tool we’re referring to? Jump to the end of this article and fill in the red form. It’ll help you understand life through the lens of one of four bird types – the Peacock, Dove, Owl, and Eagle. We all fall into one of these four categories, with a dominant bird type.

This is the best way to stoke the fire (in a good way)

How exactly can you ignite someone to do great work or inspire your kids to finish their chores? There is no hard and fast rule for motivating people. It comes down to WHO you’re talking to.

If you’re trying to inspire a Dove, you’ll approach it differently than if you’re standing in front of a Peacock. Doves love to care for people and feel a part of a time, while Peacocks respond to applause.

See the difference? Even the words you use will be different.

Dove: “Thank you so much. We really appreciate you.”

Peacock: “You rock! Everyone LOVES you around here.”

At our core, humans want to feel important. This is why it’s important to know how they’ll interpret messages, based on their personalities. For example, a Dove will respond to words of affirmation more than a fact-loving Owl – who might validate their worth and gain confidence through tangible business growth.

To satisfy this deep subconscious need for personal importance by following the three A’s.



It’s simple but it works. Show your people that you appreciate them. For Doves, reassure them of their sense of belonging and let Eagles be in control. Owls prefer slower, structured communication, while Peacocks love recognition. Once you know the ‘bird’ you’re talking to, it’s much easier to know how to inspire your people.



Your peacocks are emotional and love to have fun. Knowing this is a great way to gain their approval. For Doves, they require a stable, safe environment to nurture that sense of belonging. Eagles need to lead and be in control (or at least feel like they are), while Owls take an intellectual approach. If someone is rebutting against you, take the time to learn what makes them tick. 



You can’t inspire people without holding their attention. Owls need time to make decisions, who might not gel with Eagles who are highly competitive. Doves are emotional and sentimental, so respond to personal relationships, while Peacocks are unorganised and love to talk about themselves.

See the difference in the way you need to communicate with each type? It’s something to always be conscious of.

Our bird types will help you with better engage with your people. Do you know which bird you are yet? This is a good place to start.

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