September 26, 2020
October 28, 2020

“Tick has helped me save my marriage...”

“I now have a full understanding of my son…”

These are two of the most important feedback I’ve received from Tick’s customers. See, I’ve dedicated my professional life to training. I’ve facilitated hundreds of workshops for teams in business management, sales, and service.

I’m the guy you can throw on a stage in front of 100 people and love it – although we’re a far cry away from hosting these events now. Tick’s profiling tools have taught me this is linked our personalities and the way we’re wired. Not everyone loves the stage. (Hey, sweet, shy Doves).

BUT, although the way we think, communicate and act does depend on our genetic code, we can learn it. And I teach it through my training company, using Tick to understand WHO is in front of me. 

And this is proof in this feedback: that we can learn about others and nurture our relationships.


Tick’s personality tools help me do my job… and well. 

After my training sessions, I often have attendees walk up to me and say: “I loved your talk. It was engaging, relatable, easy to understand… and I got it!”

They’re always referring to the Tick tools I use.

“The birds helped me the most…”

“I’m always using the birds…”

“It’s so much better than any tools I’ve used. I can actually remember what the symbols mean, unlike Myers Briggs.”

This feedback is great to hear. But, do you know what really warms my heart? Conversations like, “It’s helped me with my marriage… my self-understanding…my life outside of work…” 

Waking up to an email from a client who’s improved his relationship with his son, does not get better than that. It makes my job extremely satisfying, knowing that the power of Tick extends beyond corporate environments.

Understanding (and remembering) how we Tick.

I see this too often. Companies hire staff too quickly, without giving thought to personality traits. Teams aren’t as productive as they could be, because there’s too many of one bird type (butting heads, picking at each other or sitting there, looking pretty).

We cannot underestimate the power of knowing ourselves and the people around you. Tick’s profiling tools give you insights into the fabric of your people. I’ve found, the best way to encourage people to explore their personality is to make it a fun exercise.

Tick is visual, engaging, memorable and can be easily applied to daily life. It’s a tool that helps reduce conflict, strengthens relationships, and uncovers personal blind-spots, both personally and professionally.

Given we’ve all spent the past few months social distancing, in close quarters with our families, understanding people has never been more critical a tool.


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