When peacock personality types become prisoners of their environment – set them free

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June 6, 2024
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July 12, 2024

There are moments in life, so rare, you know you’ll never see it again. Those once-in-a-lifetime, serendipitous occurrences that come when we least expect it… but most need it.

They’re just as much a lesson as they are a marvel for the eyes.

Seeing a majestic Peacock flying, fits this analogy perfectly. With their colourful feathers making up about 60% of the body length, seeing this sight is a jaw-dropping experience. Coming into contact with a peacock on the ground is one thing… but watching one elegantly glide through the sky, a rainbow of hues, is almost spiritual.

You can see what we’re talking about, here.


So, what’s all this about the peacock?

With the peacock being one of the four Tick personality bird types, let us explain. Peacocks are flamboyant in nature, with a colourful personality. Peacocks love the limelight and being the favourite topic of conversation.

You’ll know when you meet one. And we all have.

Unstoppably self-confident, Peacocks have an infectious temperament, because they’re SO sure of themselves. Someone you know is popping into your mind right now, aren’t they?

These big personalities have a special knack for making us smile, from ear-to-ear. And in the workplace, these traits are extremely valuable. Peacocks lift the mood, naturally inject a high energy, and typically excel in sales and networking.

Motivation-driven, Peacocks love being praised for a job well done. Setting sales KPIs is usually a good approach to take with this popular ‘bird’. Reaching those milestones is the reward.


Put Peacocks in the wrong role and you’ll wish you’d never come to work. You’ll have an urge to tell them to pipe down, relax and listen… and leave some of the quieter personalities (Hi, Doves), alone.

See, not everyone has social needs quite like a Peacock. And once they’re flying, look out!

Peacocks can’t be ‘locked up.’ They’re born to spread their wings, fly and be ‘out in the wild’… with ‘wild’ being front and centre with clients.

Can you think of a Peacock in your office? Want to know more about the four Tick personality bird types, so you can better understand your team? This is a game-changer for hundreds of Australian companies who have implemented our model into their team programs.

First, determine your bird type mix. Then, ask yourself, are they in the right roles? Remember how beautiful the sight of a flying peacock is? It would be a shame to never see it fly. The same goes for your team.

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