May 11, 2018
May 23, 2018

We all start the year with the best of intentions. But a few weeks in, life gets busy again. The thrill of renewal has worn off and the long list of tasks you have to get down takes priority.

But, it’s one thing to work, and another to do it efficiently. Here are some tips to help you achieve more in your day and leave the office with a sense of accomplishment and ownership of your time.


Be intentional, every day.

Have you ever got to Friday and have no idea what you did all week? It’s because you probably weren’t intentionalwith your time. Avoid this by setting a goal for your day and plan how to achieve it. Be proactive and command your work flow.

If you can change your perspective towards not having enough time, this will be a game changer.

Start your day with the most important tasks – and end it with things like emails, calls and all those little activities that seem to take up time. Know your immediate and long-term goals. What deserves your attention first? Your daily activities will change to align with specific project goals.


Delegate & learn the power of ‘no’.

If you’re a leader, delegating is key. It’s also one of the hardest skills to master. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Figure out what your strengths are, as well as your weaknesses. Know the qualities of your team, too, so you can best assign tasks. Nurture the next generation of leaders by practicing the art of delegation.

Avoid sloppy work by choosing projects that resonate with you. Create a metric for how to decide on the work you take on. Enjoying what you do everyday is something that’s not spoken about often enough.


Give yourself breaks.

Encourage a culture that allows your team to take breaks if they need it. Create strategies that they can turn to when they’re feeling overwhelmed. It could be a short walk, a 10-minute meditation in the break room or a coffee with a co-worker. Think with a future mindset and don’t fall into the day-to-day ‘busy’ vortex.

If something’s not working, allot time to find out why and design a new solution. Your time is a valuable asset. Cherish it and manage your projects with a goal-oriented vision. You’ll achieve more, in less time.

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