May 16, 2018
May 31, 2018

We all have goals in life. At the start of the year, they’re often our focus. But as the month’s pass, goals often start to dilute. Those deep-seated dreams for the future get put on the backburner, replaced by the day-to-day tasks that need to be done.

As individuals, it’s easy to lose focus. We seek instant gratification, making long-term goals harder to achieve when we’re busy. ‘Failure’ happens along the way, too, further deterring us. As a result, we begin to fear achievements.

Many of us are getting the approach wrong. We’re doing it right by setting them, but the planning and execution just isn’t there, so actions don’t follow.

Don’t fall into the “it’s New Year’s Eve” goal setting time. Every day brings the chance of a clean slate, not just once a year. Avoid falling into the mindset of being constrained by time.


Materialise what you want.

Most people create their goals with the odds stacked up against them. Combine acute self-discipline with a proven plan – conscious awareness and a step-by-step framework. This will help overtime reduce doubt and bad habits that find a way of creeping in.

Follow these seven steps:


  1. (S)pecific plans

You’ve probably heard of the SMART method to create highly measurable goals. If you plan to earn an extra $20,000 a year, clearly describe what your day looks like. How do you feel about it? What will you do to generate that extra money?


  1. (M)eaningful goals

Place emotional value behind every goal you create. Let yourself feel it and visualise it. Goals that have meaning and resonate with you on a deeper level are easier to achieve. Even if you think it’s a superficial goal, like that $20,000 salary increase, explore the emotive reasons why you want it. Is it to provide for your family or gain more financial freedom to feel less stressed?


  1. (A)chievable steps

Are your goals realistic? With your big goals, break them down into actionable steps. These steps can form your short-term goals.


  1. (R)elevant motivation

Do your goals align with your purpose in life, that fire inside of you? Does it thinking about your goals coming to fruition motivate you? Make sure they’re in line with your vision and belief system. Practicing self-awareness can help with this step. Take our questionnaires to guide you through this.


  1. (T)imebound targets

Place a time limit on each goal so you’ve got something to work towards. A sense of urgency helps push you forward. When a goal is measurable, you can track it. Again, create little goals working backwards from that big vision.


  1. (E)valuate, always

Track your progress. This is something many people forget to do. With any type of movement or journey, checks and breaks are essential.


  1. (R)e-adjust what’s not working

Once you’ve evaluated your progress, you can change what’s not working. Re-position your approach, just like a plane on a long route.

When you get specific about a goal, it materialises – turning from intangible to real. Use these strategies to help you not only dream, but do. Fill out your details to the right and we’ll send you tools to further assist with this.