September 6, 2018
September 25, 2018

With relationships, there are so many factors at play that determine the quality of it. It’s easy to think that you just ‘click’ with certain people. Those people become your close friends, romantic partners and favourite colleagues. You just seem to ‘fit.’

And then there are the people you constantly butt heads with or, who drain you. Always fighting for the spotlight against someone from work? Not seeing eye-to-eye with a friend? These are examples of personality mismatches.

It goes beyond just understanding each other and having things in common (or not). Your personality can determine who you get along with and who you don’t. Have you ever raved about someone, only to have a friend question you why you like them? You might gravitate towards open minded, big-mouthed people, while they derive energy from softly spoken, down to earth personalities.

It’s said that opposites attract. What they’re talking about here is personalities. While every person is different and we can’t categorise people, there are distinct personality types which, at Tick, we call the four birds.

The four bird types.

Let’s look at the four different personalities again.

  1. 1. The Eagle is motivated by power and authority
  2. 2. The Peacock loves to be popular and praised
  3. 3. The Owl feels secure with facts, numbers, and systems
  4. 4. The Dove id driven by the security of belonging.

For example, let’s say you’ve got two Eagles in a relationship or in a team. Being driven by control and wanting to be ‘boss’, these two might create conflict as they compete for notoriety.

Maybe you’re interviewing potential new employees and an Owl walks into the room. They’re going to be wanting concrete information about job facts and figures. A Dove, however, will want to know about the team culture and if they feel a sense of community.

Once you know your bird type, you’ll start to see why people react the way they do (as well as you, too). You can see past someone being stubborn and recognise it’s their Eagle coming out. Or why your Peacock partner refuses to book that holiday because they’re fixated on how much it’ll cost.

How Tick’s online personality profiling tools can help.

There’s no denying, all relationships take work. But if you know yourself first, you can understand the people who energise and fuel you, and those who don’t – to avoid conflicts, communication issues, and have better relationships.

Understanding not only your personality type (by determining your bird type) but also the other person is critical. And it comes back to two critical ingredients for successful relationships – expectations and communication. Talk about what you expect from the other person (and yourself). Make sure those expectations are communicated, so there’s no guessing games.

And with a 75-year study conducted by Harvard University discovering that the number one secret to a fulfilling life are great, dependable relationships.

Good relationships keep us happy! If you don’t understand your personal characteristics and respond to them, it’s next to impossible to appreciate your partner’s or friends. So, make sure you’re investing your time into yourself first, to find the right relationships.

That’s not to say you should rule out people who don’t resonate or fit with your personality. Rather, it’s good to know how to react in certain situations, so you can avoid conflict and actively change the outcome. Now, that’s an extremely powerful place to be.

Learn about your personality. 

Energetically, who do you feel drained after spending time with? Maybe the relationship isn’t as healthy as it could be. Ask yourself the same question in reverse. What sort of impact are you having on others?

Investing in effective relationships should come first, in every facet of your life. Take responsibility for the depth of your interactions, particularly in the workplace, if you run a business or are in a leadership position.

With technology changing our work environments faster than we ever imagined, it’s more important now (than ever before) to have a team who care, support and encourage. Create a culture that’s fluid and open to change, yet with a rock-solid foundation of trust.

With a range of different personalities at play, it’s important to identify them. Use our free profiling tools to help you determine the dynamics, expectations and how they can all work together.

Start by completing A free sample of our personality profile test to find out which bird type you are. Bets are, you’ll have an ah-ha moment.

Learn about which bird type you are and how that affects how you see yourself, others, and the world. Your personality is the string that connects everything you do, the people you meet, and how you live your life.

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