September 3, 2021
September 17, 2021

Doves believe life is about caring for others. People are important and we need to help each other. Doves believe if everybody helped each other, then peace and harmony would reign. And what a beautiful world that would be in the eyes of these optimists.

For Doves, belonging and appreciation are of highest regard.


The traits of a dove

Style: Shy, warm and friendly
Face: Expressive and animated, reflects what the other person is saying while listening intently
Voice: Soft and calming
Body Language: Lots of hand gestures, but not dramatic
Clothes: Pastel to brighter colours, but nothing too outlandish
Life View: ‘Caring and sharing with others is what it’s all about.’
Attitude: Easy going. Doves rarely seem rushed and will spend all the time in the world listening to your problems.
Sayings: “My relationships are most important.”
Car: A good reliable family vehicle, usually blue, maroon, or white. Doves love the Toyota Corolla.

How to engage with a dove

Do reassure their sense of belonging

Do provide a happy and stable environment

Do try to eliminate any perceived risks of change

Do understand that they are emotional and sentimental

Do be kind and understanding

Do accept the fact that people’s feelings are more important to them than getting the job done

Do give them appreciation for who they are, as well as what they can do

Don’t change their normal patterns of doing things

Don’t expect them to be comfortable in making decisions or taking risks

Don’t expect them to deal with unfriendly people

Don’t expect them to be comfortable in a pressure environment

Don’t praise or flatter in public, this is embarrassing

Don’t ever question their loyalty.


The martyr… the peacemaker… the builder. 

While shy and friendly, doves lead in their own way, usually quietly and ever so consciously. Sure, doves are submissive and indecisive, they’re the builders (and backbones) of relationships and communities.

Quietly stubborn, doves are known to dig their heels into the sand. Sometimes stubborn, other times accommodating. In the end, doves are likely to say: “let’s have harmony and keep the peace.”

The peacekeepers of the group.

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