The difference between free vs. paid personality tests

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April 4, 2024
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May 16, 2024

If you’re unwell, you go to the doctor. For teeth check-ups, you book a dentist appointment. Both of which, you never expect are free. Not only do you know you’ll pay, but you also want to, for good service.

The same thought process can be applied to your training resources, whether you’re a coach or business owner. To get anything of value, it comes with a cost. And so, it should. This way, you know time and resources have been invested into producing it – just like we did with the Tick personality assessment tools.

See, we often speak to career advisors and teachers in schools. The conversation goes something like this.

“We love Tick…

We need Tick…

But there are free resources online that do the job.”

We understand, financial resources might be limited. And while choosing those free resources over paid personality profile testing isn’t necessarily a matter of life or death (like seeing a doctor), but you’ll save money in the long haul by hiring right.

It’s easy to hire the best candidate on paper, but who isn’t a cultural fit for your company. Directors and managers need to get the right people in the right seats, otherwise the business will suffer.

Personality questionnaires are a win-win

Personality profiles will also help the individuals better understand how they operate, so they can make decisions based on their strengths. This makes for more self-aware and emotionally intelligent individuals.

These scientifically based insights can help employees make career choices, navigate conflict, and embrace the opportunities they know they’ll excel at. As a business owner, this makes them more valuable to you.

Most free online personality tests don’t have decades of scientific research and history behind them. In most cases, they’re put together quickly, as a precursor for a paid product. You won’t find IP behind the tool.

Even well-established products can be difficult to understand. For example, people who complete the Myer’s Briggs personality tests tell us they forget their complex acronym quickly.

While an established system, their 16 profiles can be too much to remember. And for those who do want to learn more about their personality group, the next step are paid eBooks. So, you end up paying for the core of the information, anyway.

The best personality profiling test is the one that’s accurate, engaging, and easy to implement into action. 


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