Your team has a (collective) personality, too – here’s how to discover it.

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March 20, 2024
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If you run a business, you know people can make or break it. Your team, and your company culture, is a sum of all of its parts – every individual.   

Is your culture fun or buttoned-up? Innovative and/or inspirational? Feminine or masculine?

This goes beyond the colours you have on your website and what your branding says. What energy are you giving off in meetings? What do your clients and community say about you?  

It’s not just your employees who (unconsciously) contribute to your company’s personality. You, as management impact this, too. The culture you intentionally create and represent as a brand is only the tip of the iceberg.


Build your brand, by understanding your people

Look at your brand and company culture as a living entity. It changes as your people do, which is why business owners need to guard it with intentionality.

Use Tick’s personality profiling, an easy-to-use system that categories your people into one of four ‘bird types’. Once you know your employees by their bird types, you can understand how they’re communicating, behaving, making decisions, and what they’re intrinsically driven by.  

If you think this sounds too hard or you don’t ‘have time’, Tick’s personality resources are fun, actionable, implement, and transformative. It’ll become the foundation for all your good business decisions.

Do Tick as a team, every time there’s a new person  

Tick is so powerful because of its simplicity. It can be helpful to have the bird types alongside other models and frameworks.

In the book, Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes, the author suggests there are archetypes that you can use in your marketing to help personalise something in the mind of your customers.


The 12 brand archetypes are:

  1. Creator: Self expressive, a visionary, and an innovator. The Creator is driven by launching something that’s valuable and often artistic.
  2. Hero: Like a superhero, this archetype goes where others are too scared.
  3. Outlaw: Revolutionary problem solvers, Outlaws pioneer new, at times crazy, products. 
  4. Lover: Intimate and connected, Lovers believe in relationships above all. 
  5. Everyman: He’s the people pleaser. He does good work, but nothing out of the box.
  6. Sage: And then there’s the opposite, encouraging new insights and thought.
  7. Explorer: Like the name suggests, freedom is a must-have for the Explorer. Non-conformist, pioneering a movement.
  8. Innocent: Everything that’s good, youthful, and carefree.
  9. Ruler: The controller. He makes big promises.
  10. Jester: The class clown. Laughing is mandatory.
  11. Caregiver: Protective and a server. Caregivers have big hearts.
  12. Magician: Where dreams come true.


Keep this in mind in your marketing, but use Tick profiles for your recruiting, people management and retention, and culture building. Transform your business, leveraging the Tick bird types. It’s a wonderful way to make your employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

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