May 27, 2021

Great leaders go above and beyond. They supportively encourage the expansion of their people, navigating blind spots, and empowering each individual. With a mixed bag of personalities in any given team, taking a personal approach to leadership is necessary.

But unfortunately, not all managers do this. If we can guess why, it’s because they don’t have the resources available to sit down and look at each individual (rather than the team as a whole).

With Tick’s personality profiling tools, leaders don’t need to dedicate hours to ‘get to know’ every specific detail about each team member. Personality insights are the backbone to being a great manager – and Tick’s profiling resources are designed for managers to become effective leaders. 

Being a good leader is also about knowing what not to do. Here are eight no-no’s for those in charge.

  1. Not providing feedback

Failing to provide feedback is one of the biggest mistakes that leaders make. Make sure your team know exactly how they’re performing. Drawing on your personality insights here can help you uncover if it’s really a performance issue – someone might simply be in the wrong position.

  1. Not defining goals

Does your team know what they’re working towards? Make sure your people have clear goals, so they can be productive. Remember, we’re all motivated by different factors. Tick’s personality tools will guide you on how to ‘speak’ to each team member – through data or in an empathetic, ‘buddy’ manner.

  1. Rushing recruitment

When there’s a role to fill, it’s understandable that you want to fill it as fast as possible. But rushing this process can be a big mistake down the track. You might fit the wrong personality type in the role. Define the Tick bird type you’re looking for first (and how it fits in with the rest of the team).

  1. Not delegating

Keep your team busy by assigning key roles for each person. A lot of leaders think that they can do it all or do it better. This is a mistake. Empower your team by properly attributing tasks, based on personality strengths.

  1. Misunderstanding your responsibility

Just as your team needs to know what their roles are, you do too. Your responsibility as a leader is great. It’s different from the role you had before. Your role is to lead and manage. So, what’s YOUR personality type?     


Which Tick personality bird type are YOU?

Leaders, it’s important to understand who YOU are, before you can successfully pioneer a group.

Use our simple, yet scientifically backed personality insight reports in your team management. It’s fun to do, easy to remember, and designed to help your people thrive – in the right tasks and roles that compliment their personalities.

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