September 17, 2021
October 4, 2021

You don’t need to work at Google or Apple to experience a company culture. Small brands are dominating their industries, by investing in their company culture.

Culture, in a corporate setting, is more than team building or having a ping-pong table. It’s how people act and interact within an organisation. Just like how we experience it socially, company culture is a collective set of beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviours. Your company’s ‘worldview.’ This ethos is set in motion by your people (and their personalities). It’s less what you do and more how you do it.

The best example of a strong culture is when leaders and employers understand (and promote) the company’s values, because they’re reinforced within daily operations – through training, decision-making, and attracting talent. It’s a sense of ownership. Think of Richard Branson in the travel space or Steve Jobs, with Apple.

These companies attract specific personality types who further shape the culture, both internally and externally. Some company cultures, like Apple, transcend into the public.

Company cultures are built from the inside out

If it begins behind closed doors, owners and managers must consciously create a culture, by focusing on the mix of personalities.

This brings us to the most important point of this article. There are tools available to help you, and you won’t find anything more engaging easier to implement, based on science, than Tick’s personality bird types.

Tick is designed for team members, not psychologists.

Not complex acronyms that you’ll forget within a week.

But an immediate understanding of who you’re hiring and working with.

You can have a lot of fun using Tick to communicate 

Want to deepen the connection between your people? Instead of a Friday lunch, why not plan a fun game of ‘which bird type will win this…?’

Get all your staff to complete their Tick profile and group the Eagles, Peacocks, Owls and Doves. When your company wins a new client: As a team, determine which bird type they are, so you can best match the employees to their project.

Activities like these unite your people, while also bringing attention to the (important) nuances that help people work together, communicate, and collaborate. And using Tick’s fun, easy to interpret, bird types keep the otherwise complex topic of personalities, light-hearted.

Don’t know what your company culture is? Worried that it doesn’t match what you envision it to be? Understanding your people better is a good place to start. 

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