American ‘talking heads’ politics is similar to most teams

There are four personality types, according to scientists (and Tick). Which one are you?
March 6, 2024
Your team has a (collective) personality, too – here’s how to discover it.
April 4, 2024

Trump’s in the news again. This time, having a swing at Kevin Rudd, former prime minister and the current U.S. ambassador. We learned a lot from the previous U.S. administration.

It was no-go dinner table talk for many families because it ignited division. But cultural critiquing aside, this is a fascinating moment where we’ve seen personalities dominate politics.

From Trump (who is undoubtedly an Eagle with Peacock qualities) to Biden (who is daresay, a Dove-Owl mix). With this year’s upcoming U.S. presidential election, we’re bound to see a all the personalities out in full force – which is a learning opportunity for us all.

Here’s why.


The four Tick bird types (request the test, below)

Eagles are all about making things happen. Getting results is all that really matters. Eagles believe the world needs more people like them, to take If you charge of things and get results without messing around with all this ‘consensus nonsense’. Having the authority and power to get things done is a nice feeling for Eagles.

Peacocks love to live. They’re all about having fun, chasing the good things in life and bowing in applause. Peacocks need to be recognised and looked at.

Doves, on the other hand, care about others and desire to help one another. Doves life by the ethos, if everybody helped each other, peace and harmony would reign. Idealistic, they yearn for belonging and appreciation.

Owls are serious and are always on-guard. Things need to be ‘safe’, there must be law and order, structure and systems. Decisions must be thought about very carefully. Thought, knowledge, information and logic rule for Owls. Facts prevail.

You can start to see the leaders as bird types.

So, why are we talking about politics?

Because the previous and current climate serves as an example of just how prevalent personalities are in how we lead, make decisions, and communicate. It helps us see the value of personalities, whether it’s at the top in Government or in a small local business.

The point is, defining roles, is critical to good leadership and teamwork. If you’re in the HR department, responsible for hiring a new employee, what type of personality are you looking for? Who will suit the role andcomplement the current group of people?

Do you need someone with tenacious attention to detail? A big personality who people are drawn to and adore? Get to know the various personalities for your job roles, your audience, and the wider environment.

The easiest way to do this is by categorising your team (and future talent) into one of four bird types. Tick’s personality profiling tools will help you do this. You can use these ‘bird personalities’ to reduce conflict, improve relationships, and create a happier, supportive office.

It’s also important to preface that conflict isn’t always bad. Constructive conflict can solve problems, push projects forward and increase empathy within teams. Again, it comes back to knowing who to bring in when there’s unresolved issues. Soft, lovely Doves are too agreeable and will see all sides (ah, we love you). Owls will come from a logical angle and Peacocks will command a room.

Use Tick’s four bird types to mediate conflict and get more done… without any negative name-calling.

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