There are four personality types, according to scientists (and Tick). Which one are you?

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February 21, 2024
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In a ground-breaking study, researchers have unveiled new findings regarding personality types, which challenge how we think about who we are. This extensive research, utilising data collected from a staggering 500,000 individuals, transcends the typical introvert-extravert classifications, delving into a more nuanced understanding of human behaviour.

The four identified personality types from this study are as follows:

  1. Reserved
  2. Role Models
  3. Average
  4. Self-Centred

The inclusion of the term "Self-Centred" as a personality type unsurprisingly sparked a notable controversy. This particular group is characterised by high extroversion but low agreeableness and openness – traits that may or may not evolve with age.

In response to this research, we propose an alternative method of categorising personality types, one that is easily digestible and avoids potential controversy.

Enter the Eagle, Peacock, Owl, and Dove, the four Tick personality bird types.

  1. Eagle: Thrives on authority and power – a big ego
  2. Peacock: Revels in being the crowd-pleaser – life of the party
  3. Owl: Analytical and the ‘numbers’ guy or girl – detailed-driven
  4. Dove: Nurturing and helpful – the empath

Drawing parallels between the two frameworks, you could draw associations between the Reserved group and our gentle Doves, Role Models and Peacocks, the Average with certain characteristics of Owls, and the Self-Centred with the ambitious nature of Eagles.

Of course, it's crucial to recognise and appreciate the unique qualities that each personality type brings to the table. We’re not all of one thing or one personality type, and therefore, this requires a more nuanced take than four distinct, separate categories.

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