How you respond to stress, based on your Tick personality type

The Dove bird type personality – a refresher
February 9, 2024
There are four personality types, according to scientists (and Tick). Which one are you?
March 6, 2024

We all respond differently to pressure and stress. Your personality actually has a lot to do with how handle stress.

Before you read on, take a moment to find out which of the four Tick bird types you are. This will make a whole lot of sense, once you know it. Complete it with your close friends, family and colleagues, so you can apply it to all your relationships. The more you can assign a bird type to each person in your life, the better you’ll understand your world – and the internal state of those around you.

Let’s take a look at the four birds.

THE PEACOCK: The Actor, the Dramatist

Comfort Zone: Confident and friendly

Under Pressure: (Fights) Becomes noisy and dramatic, fights with more bark than bite

Under Stress: Becomes apologetic, friendly and manipulative: “I was only joking”

Conflict Style: Problem solves, “let’s forget it and all be friends.”


THE DOVE: The Martyr, the Peacemaker

Comfort Zone: Shy and friendly

Under Pressure: (Flights) Becomes quiet submissive and indecisive, battles in silence

Under stress: Becomes quietly stubborn – digs in heels: “okay, then do what you want to do”

Conflict Style: Accommodates, “let’s have harmony and keep the peace.”


THE EAGLE: The Tyrant, the Dominator

Comfort Zone: Confident and cool

Under Pressure: (Fights) Becomes short, bossy and sarcastic, tongue can be razar-sharp that wounds

Under stress: Avoids or ignores the situation or person causing the stress, gets on with other things

Conflict Style: Win/lose, “it’s my way or the highway.”


THE OWL: The Moralist, the Righteous

Comfort Zone: Shy and cool

Under Pressure: (Flights) Becomes critical and withdrawn, quietly uncooperative

Under stress: Goes within, quietly avoids the person or situation causing the stress.

Conflict Style: Avoids, “do what you want to do, but leave me out of it.”


So, which one are you? Your mind is probably returning to memories of various conflicts over time, trying to make sense of them with your new bird types in mind. That’s the power of knowing the four Tick personalities. 

The next time you’re in a difficult situation that involves a conflict or miscommunication, take a breather and consider which bird type you're talking to. It’s the perfect conflict diffuser.

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