November 4, 2022
December 16, 2022

Eagles don’t mess around. Life is about making things HAPPEN. Getting results is the most important thing for Eagles. This personality type doesn’t play well in the ambiguities.

To Eagles, there needs to be more people just like them in the world. Direct, yes. Arrogant, yes. No-nonsense, yes. Eagles get the job done. They’re fuelled by authority and power. Are they bad people? Of course not.

Here’s how to spot an Eagle.


The traits of an Eagle

Style: Confident, fast, and businesslike
Face: Gives little away
Voice: Strong and forceful
Body Language: Very little
Clothes: Conservative, no frills. Black, charcoal, and grey colours preferred.

Life View: ‘Let’s get a result!’
Attitude: “Let’s get down to business.” Quick and abrupt, they always seem to have more important people than you that they need to talk to.
Sayings: “What’s the bottom line?”
Car: Conservative, but prestige and powerful. They love the big four-wheel drives.

How to engage with an Eagle 

Do let them be, or appear to be, in control

Do keep conversations brief and to the point

Do appreciate that discipline rules their lives

Do let them feel free to get results

Do accept the fact that their career comes first

Do understand that they are highly competitive

Don’t expect them to be good listeners

Don’t offer long-winded explanations or excuses

Don’t expect them to be patient

Don’t expect them to be timid in the face of argument

Don’t break a promise or commitment to them

Don’t indulge in long telephone conversations

Don’t be upset by their sarcasm or knife-edged comments.


The dictator, the director! 

Eagles are confident and cool guys (and gals). Short, bossy, and sarcastic, Eagles don’t back down in a fight. Sharp and seemingly unemotional, Eagles have a tendency to avoid or ignore situations (or people) causing the stress. They just want to get on with things.

Eagles are very black and white. You either win or lose, in their eyes. You’re either good or bad. The ‘it’s my way or the highway’ thinking.

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