October 11, 2022
December 6, 2022

For the Peacock personality bird type, life is about living. It’s all for the spirit adventure, where fun prevails above all else. Peacocks believe that you only get one chance at life. They’re not wrong. This is a ‘bigger than life’ personality.

It’s hard to miss a Peacock. Their energy is infectious and so is their outlook. They’re the ‘go big or go home’ type. Peacocks need to be recognised.

Here are some other tell-tale signs you’re in the company of a Peacock (or you’re one yourself).


The traits of a Peacock

Style: Confident, warm, and friendly
Face: Expressive and animated
Voice: Strong and colourful
Body Language: Lots of dramatic and sweeping gestures

Clothes: Flamboyant, colourful, fashionable, designer labels, wears ‘look at me’ jewellery
Life View: ‘Everything’s coming up roses’
Attitude: Easy going. Peacocks seem to have all the time in the world and can talk the leg off of a chair

Sayings: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

Car: A ‘look at me car’, usually red. Peacocks love red Porsches!

How to engage with a Peacock

Do accept the fact that they like talking about themselves

Do understand that they exaggerate everything

Do understand that they are emotional.

Do appreciate they like to touch and cuddle

Do appreciate they like to have fun

Do accept the fact that they are unorganised

Do accept that when they’re down, they’re really down.

Don’t expect them to take a logical approach

Don’t lock them into repetitious tasks and environments

Don’t expect them to be good listeners

Don’t expect them to be quiet for too long

Don’t expect them to let you have the last word

Don’t expect them to be a homebody.


The performer, the showman (or woman)

Peacocks are confident and friendly. In conflicts, they’re noisy and dramatic. This bird type is more bark than bite. Under stress, Peacocks are apologetic and friendly, but can become manipulative. ‘I was only joking’ is a common statement.

The good news is, Peacocks love to solve problems. They won’t just leave something unresolved. If anything, they’ll create closure by saying: ‘let’s just forget it and move past on.” Peacocks are great teammates.

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